1.What do you do ?

    -The basis of our activity is to supply clothing outlet: warehouses, shops, chain stores, online stores, etc.

    2.Where does your stuff came from ?

    - We buy goods directly from producers. In end of each season is made contract.Then goods are brought to our warehouse where it is being prepared.

    3.How old are stocks?

    -We try to take care of it to the stocks came from previous collections and that they are very fashionable.

    4.How do you prepare the goods ?

    -Every time when delivery come to us, the goods are subjected to segregation on the basis of a letter attached to the transport packing.

    5.Can i see the product and the system of your work ?

    -We invite every client in order to see how the goods are being prepared, and to establish conditions for cooperation.

    6.What is the minimum order ?

    -Our company are selling   large amount of resources, which is why our orders are a minimum quantity from 500 to 25000+ pcs of single brand. (To provide a wide variety assortment of quantity is important).

    7.What is the process of contract?

    -After paying 10% advance payment, the order is prepared. The remainder of the amount, prior to shipment. The invoice is sent along with the goods.

    8.What are the payment methods ?

    -We prefer two methods of payment. Cash, no more than 2990 euro or bank transfer.